Network Services

Networking Services

Networking Services

In this era of a discernible shift to remote and hybrid work, iTech22 meets every demand for optimizing network performance, securing end-to-end implementation and access and delivery of network services to ensure expedited functioning and the highest quality.

Designed to provide a comprehensive solution for managing and maintaining your network infrastructure, our Network Services will be tailor-made to your needs with diligent monitoring and maintenance to ensure maximum uptime and maximized efficiency.

Core Network Services

Built on the latest technologies, our network architecture is designed to provide a stable, secure, and high-performance infrastructure for your organization, covering all the fundamentals that underpin modern networks protocols.

Network Automation

Automated Configuration Management

  • Device configuration using Ansible Playbook
  • AWX/Tower Integration with BPA – Controller Mediation Layer. 

Optimization of Network Health

We won’t leave you hanging, with diligent monitoring and maintenance services including network testing, troubleshooting and optimization, to minimize downtime and ensure peak performance.

Networking Solution

Thrive digitally with our powerful networking solutions. Stay ahead of the curve.

• Network Automation
• Network Infrastructure Design and Implementation
• Security and Monitoring
• Cloud Networking Integration
• SDN Solutions

Network Automation

Automated Configuration Management

  • Device configuration using Ansible Playbook
  • AWX/Tower Integration with BPA – Controller Mediation Layer

Network Monitoring and Troubleshooting

  • Performance monitoring and problem resolution

Implementing Network Automation Services

Network Automation Use Cases

Managed Security and Intrusion Detection Services

Intrusion Detection and Prevention Services

  • Network access control system (NAC)
  • Firewall policy Life Cycle Management and Administration
  • RBAC functions based proactive monitoring

Vulnerability Management Services

  • Vulnerabilities assessment and mitigation
  • Security audits

Compliance Management Services

  • Simplified compliance through golden config templates
  • Value-added compliance for NSO and other controllers


Infrastructure Automation

Automated Provisioning and Deployment

  • Automation tools(e.g. CloudFormation, PyNSO, Network Configuration Manager NCM)
  • Automated provisioning and deploying infrastructure resources

Automated Monitoring and Management

  • Monitor and manage infrastructure resources

Backup and Restoration

  • Bulk configuration backups across DCNM fabric-based networks 

Implementing Infrastructure Automation

  • Utilization of tools such as routers, switches, firewalls
  • Management across multi-vendor and multi-domain environments

Network Programmability Solutions

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

  • Configuration management and monitoring.
  • Usage of both Northbound and Southbound APIs.

Network Programmability Protocols

  • Use of APIs through network automation frameworks (Ansible, Puppet, SaltStack)

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